Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Economics is one of the most important educational and research institutions, providing highly qualified professionals in the field of economics in Montenegro. During its 55 years of hard work and outstanding efforts, the Faculty has proven to be one of the key actors in creating adequate staff support in the process of building a modern economic and business environment. In addition to the educational element, Faculty of Economics remains a fundamental partner in implementing key economic reforms. 

Faculty of Economics has over 6,000 students and 47 full-time professors and assistants, of which 36 holding a PhD degree and 11 holding a Master’s degree. Numerous visiting professors and lecturers from universities in the country and abroad are also permanently hired by the Faculty. 

Faculty of Economics is committed to constant improvement of scientific research and has consequently focused its teaching process on the concept of lifelong learning, as this is the foundation of its future development. Today, students of Faculty of Economics have the opportunity to spend a part of their studies at prestigious universities, to present their work at the symposia, as well as to express their competitive spirit in numerous competitions where they are awarded prizes and awards. These results provide the Faculty with motivation and impetus to reaffirm its past work, of which it is especially proud, by achieving even better and more important results. 

The mission of Faculty of Economics is reflected in the expansion and improvement of knowledge and professional skills of students, academic and professional staff, as well as better positioning in the international educational area. In addition, the mission of the Faculty is focused on: 

  • Fostering a proactive and innovative approach to solving the economic problems that will result in strengthening of the Montenegrin economy and raising the level of its competitiveness and flexibility; 
  • Establishing strong and intense relations between the scientific research community and the business sector;
  • Placement of Faculty of Economics in the group of modern international scientific and educational institutions. 

The main objective of the Faculty is to maintain its leading position in the higher education market. The implementation of this objective implies training of highly educated personnel in the field of economics and management, promotion of scientific research and pedagogical work of teaching personnel, better positioning in the international higher education market. The Faculty and its employees are dedicated to developing interest in strengthening the entrepreneurial initiative, creative and interdisciplinary approach among young people, using modern teaching and research methods. In this regard, the Faculty has modern textbooks and adequate IT technology, which supports the objectives set. 

Priorities for the future development of the Faculty are: 

  • Strengthening the achieved image of students and employees at the Faculty of Economics; 
  • Continuation and further improvement of all quality aspects of the teaching process in the light of contemporary developments; 
  • Strengthening scientific research, especially among young people; 
  • Better cooperation with other units of the University of Montenegro and beyond, in order to develop multidisciplinary programmes; 
  • Building a strong and stable relationship with the business environment in Montenegro; 
  • Intensive involvement of students in all activities of the Faculty and connecting with relevant institutions abroad; 
  • Organizing and implementing part of the teaching process in English; 
  • Developing creativity in students and their training for independent work; 
  • Intensive involvement in the international scientific and research trends; 
  • Establishment of the Office for International Cooperation, as well as strengthening bilateral and other partnerships with universities in the region and in Europe; 
  • Improvement of the existing and introduction of new study programmes in order to strengthen the academic capacity of Faculty of Economics, through a process of national and international re-accreditation. 


The building in which the Faculty commenced its operation in 1960 was expanded and significantly renovated in the last few years, so today the Faculty of Economics has a floor area of more than 6,000 m2.

The Faculty has 10 rooms for lectures, whose total capacity exceeds 1,000 seats. The largest room is Montenegro, with 272 seats. 

The Faculty has a room for meetings – professorial room, modern computer rooms, more than 70 offices for teaching personnel, which are linked to an academic computer network and have a direct Internet connection, as well as a modern library and reading room, student club, etc. 

Mediteran is a multi-purpose room in which diploma papers, master theses and doctoral dissertations are defended and where scientific conferences, seminars, courses and celebrations are held. It can accommodate between 200 and 300 people. 

The teaching process at Faculty of Economics has been significantly improved technologically. Namely, along with the five modern computer rooms with more than 140 computers, the Faculty also has an Internet centre. 

  • Horizont has 36 computers.
  • Vision has 31 computers.
  • Reading room has 15 computers.
  • Gorica has 50 laptop computers.
  • Milenijum has 17 computers.

In its work, Faculty of Economics uses modern hardware and software solutions that facilitate the work of lecturers and students, enabling acquisition and application of theoretical knowledge in practice.


Today, Faculty of Economics is a largely interdisciplinary institution, characterized by expressed dynamism in its work. Employees at the Faculty are dedicated to constant improvements and enhancements, all in accordance with the needs brought by the changes. Due to the specific nature of academic organization, the management of the Faculty has great responsibility in achieving the mission of the Faculty and its objectives. The organizational capacities of the management, primarily the Dean, his/her creativity, understanding of the processes in the environment, as well as the vision in designing faculty development strategies and tactics for their achievement, crucially influence the implementation of the mission and objectives of this higher education institution. 

The Faculty is managed by the Dean, who is appointed for three years from among the professors. In directing the work of the Faculty, Dean has the help of his / her associates, three Vice-Deans, who are appointed from among the personnel with academic titles. 

Currently, the management of the Faculty of Economics is the following: 


Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs

Vice-Dean for Research and Relations with Business Community 

Vice-Dean for International Cooperation

All competencies of the Dean are regulated by the Articles of Association of the University of Montenegro. 

Organizational units of the Faculty are: Legal Service, Academic Registry, Library, Accounting Service and Technical Service. 

Council of the Faculty 

Council of the Faculty is the professional body of the Faculty of Economics, chaired by the Dean. In accordance with Article 63 of the Articles of Association of the University of Montenegro, members of the Council are: 



Persons with an academic or scientific title employed in the organizational unit, as well as persons with an academic or scientific title from among the teaching personnel of the organizational unit; 

A representative of the assistants, and one representative for every ten assistants, appointed directly from among and by the assistants employed in the organizational unit; 

Student representatives, in the number of 20 percent of the total number of Council members, appointed by the student organization of the organizational unit, taking into account that the structure includes students at all levels of studying (undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral). 

Legal Service

Secretary of the Faculty organizes and coordinates the work of professional services, monitors and ensures the implementation of the law, Articles of Association and other general acts. 

Academic Registry 

Everyday communication with students, regular contacts with the teaching personnel and management of the Faculty, as well as other activities, are performed by the Academic Registry of Faculty of Economics. The Registry has a detailed database, efficient and well-organized personnel, all of which represents an essential prerequisite for successful functioning of the Faculty. 


Library of the Faculty of Economics was formed shortly after the founding of the Faculty, in 1960. Since its establishment, the library fund has constantly been renewed and expanded with both, textbooks necessary for teaching and learning, and with other reference materials. The Library has 22,000 titles (domestic and foreign), and more than 1,000 units of serial publications – journals (domestic and foreign), as well as approximately 49,000 inventory items. The library fund continues to grow through the constant acquisition of new literature selected by the professors, associates and students of the Faculty. 

The use of materials from the library fund is greatly facilitated by an efficient method of its processing, numerous catalogues and other IT instruments. Internet users may search various databases electronically. 

The Library has a reading room (90.28 m2 large with 46 seats and 12 computers), a depository of books and a depository of journals. Library fund may be used by the academic personnel and students of all faculty units of the University of Montenegro. Library and reading room are located on the ground floor of the Faculty.

Accounting Service

The Accounting Service performs all financial and accounting affairs of the Faculty. It also prepares periodical statements and statements of accounts, makes a summary statement of accounts, performs the collection of receivables, other forms of providing timely inflow of funds to the bank accounts, and performs other tasks. The Head of the Service manages it and is responsible for its operation to the Dean and the Secretary of the Faculty. 

Technical Service 

The Technical Service takes care of carrying out the technical and administrative tasks that affect the efficient and smooth functioning of the Faculty. This Service includes: technical workers, typist, porter, janitor, courier, guards and maintenance workers.