Today, Faculty of Economics is a largely interdisciplinary institution, characterized by expressed dynamism in its work. Employees at the Faculty are dedicated to constant improvements and enhancements, all in accordance with the needs brought by the changes. Due to the specific nature of academic organization, the management of the Faculty has great responsibility in achieving the mission of the Faculty and its objectives. The organizational capacities of the management, primarily the Dean, his/her creativity, understanding of the processes in the environment, as well as the vision in designing faculty development strategies and tactics for their achievement, crucially influence the implementation of the mission and objectives of this higher education institution.

The Faculty is managed by the Dean, who is appointed for three years from among the professors. In directing the work of the Faculty, Dean has the help of his / her associates, three Vice-Deans, who are appointed from among the personnel with academic titles.

Currently, the management of the Faculty of Economics is the following:

Dean – Prof. dr Nikola Milović

Doc. dr Boban Melović

Doc. dr Mijat Jocović

Prof. dr Saša Popović

Doc. dr Zdenka Dragašević